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Keith Jennings

Hello my friend!

I think about your topic a lot through this lens: happiness vs. humanness.

There seems to be polarity built into the world. I'm thinking Newton's opposite and equal reaction. I'm thinking the poles of ethics (justice vs. mercy, etc.). I'm also thinking edges that make certain ideas and people spread through the grapevines (i.e. Lady Gaga or the iPhone). What I mean by this is that the pole of happiness needs the pole of misery. Otherwise, these states couldn't exist, right?

That said, we hope these poles aren't of equal value. We want good to be the greater pole. We want happiness and joy to be THE choice. It's as if one serves the other.

Your post also brought to mind the importance of seasons. We can't sustain a single emotion or state perpetually. So we ebb and flow through seasons. And these seasons give our lives the depth and significance we so desperately want.

Keep smiling! (But it's okay to frown every once in a while - it will keep your smile natural and relaxed.)

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